Corcovado National Park


One of the most biologically diverse places on Earth – anything from one day hikes to multiday treks available.  Home of jaguars, tapirs, ocelots, scarlet macaws and so much more

Community Tourism

Caminos de Osa - Get out and into real Costa Rica with homestays, trekking, horseback riding, and amazing multiday excursions with local guides

Jungle Lodges


Some of the most amazing jungle lodges in the country at a variety of price levels

The Osa is an adventurer's wonderland. One of the best ways to see this region of Costa Rica and meet its people is through a tour with the Caminos de Osa. You'll enjoy multi-day trekking via foot and horseback, getting deep into the jungle, meeting locals, staying at homestays, and eating autentic Cosata Rican cuisine. You'll see a rich variety of flora and fauna and leave with stories and adventures to tell all your friends.


It's one of the most special places that still exist at a near pristine level on Earth.  However, as one eco lodge in the Osa puts it, the Osa isn't for everyone.  It's a wild and authentic place but if your ideal vacation entails air conditioning, wildlife that doesn't mix with your lodging facility, and easy access then we're happy to provide other recommendations of places in Costa Rica that offer these amenities.

The Osa can be easily paired with a stay in Uvita or Dominical or can be combined with a location near San Jose at the front or back end of your trip, such as Arenal or the La Paz area.