Reggae and Rasta

Fun and lively beach town with a ton of local Caribbean flavor

Jaguar Rescue Center

Leading the way in rehabilitating animals and getting them back out into the jungle where they belong

Cahuita National Park

Explore this beautiful rainforest either on foot or head out to snorkel this healthy protected reef system

Walking down the street in Puerto Viejo, Bob Marley booms out of a local beachside restaurant, locals and international travelers sip Imperials in a rasta themed bar and various sidewalk vendors offer up their crafts for sale.  Life has slowed way down and I find myself feeling happy and relaxed.


Nothing else in Costa Rica compares to Puerto Viejo.  It's a mix of jungle, reggae, and Caribbean paradise. The water is turquoise blue and all I want to do is enjoy being outside and surf. And that is exactly what there is to do – visit the Jaguar Animal Sanctuary and learn about their animal rescue and rehabiliation program.  Explore a guided tour through Cahuita National Park – which includes land and also a protected marine reserve that you can snorkel through. Rent a bike and pack a beach picnic for the day and don't forget to take your board and surf the fast heavy breaks in the area.   

A trip to Puerto Viejo can easily be combined with a full day or overnight rafting trip or even a trip out to Tortuguero.