Tortuguero is a wonderful example for us all.  It’s a community on the Caribbean side of the country that used to harvest sea turtles for sale and has since changed their ways, embraced conservation and are the sea turtle's number one advocates.  Learn their amazing story, observe nesting green turtles with local guides who used to be poachers and are now leading conservationists and educators, and enjoy the tropical wildlife in this gorgeous spot.


Accessed via plane from San Jose or via car and a 45 minute boat ride through the jungle canals, you'll be glad you included Tortuguero on your vacation.  Other activities include learning how to make chocolate, taking a guided night walk through the jungle, and sampling the local Caribbean cuisine.


Tortuguero is located on the Caribbean side of the country.  An overnight rafting trip and/or a trip to Puerto Viejo can easily be combined if you would like a longer stay or a variety of adventures. 

Sea Turtles

Green turtle nesting season from June-October.  Come witness this amazing natural process.  Also home of the Sea Turtle Conservancy, the heart of worldwide turtle conservation.

Jungle Boat Tours

A must if you’re a nature lover – enjoy this pristine setting gliding through the canals of Tortuguero

Caribbean Culture

From coconut rice and beans to rondon, a hearty coconut milk seafood stew – your prime chance to experience culture through cuisine