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Tara launched Viva Adventures in 2012 after two years with the U.S. Peace Corps in Guatemala, volunteering in Sustainable Community Tourism. During her service, family and friends traveled to visit her and they all were amazed at the richness of the experience they felt when they traveled to far away places, outside the realm of a Google search. Tara took them to places only discovered after living and working in the country.  

After such positive reviews, the idea for a business was born. Tara made business cards and started traveling around Central America on a shoestring budget, via the local buses with just a small backpack and surfboard. Her goal was to see as many places as possible and check out a variety of hotels and activities firsthand so that she could design packages so that other people could enjoy such an experience but in a more comfortable manner.  


Now, ten years later, after a ton of adventures with clients, the company is alive and well. Tara still lives in Central America and continues to design top-notch travel experiences for a variety of clients.  When not out guiding or scouting, you can find Tara out surfing or open water swimming and planning her next adventure. 


Travel Consultant


Adrianne is a fun-loving & adventurous travel consultant who has lived and worked in Costa Rica since 2011. A former travel business owner herself, Adrianne has plenty of experience in sustainability & responsible tourism. She speaks fluent Spanish & proficient French, excels in logistical organization, & understands the intricacies of the tourism industry in Latin America. She loves cooking, reading, & surfing!


Marketing & Design


Luz is a Peruvian creative designer & marketing strategist based in Costa Rica who likes to create coherent brand experiences to help businesses build better relations with their stakeholders. Her background in communications, journalism and media studies, gives her a perfect blend of these passions. She currently works with clients in the USA, Perú, and Costa Rica.

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